indonesia reliable systems

Online business that count every second as a revenue need a reliable systems they can rely on. Any problem posibility must be counted and prepared.

Trinix Systems talented engineers count every problem posibility into a reliable solution. As a result, you can focus on your business while we maintain and monitor your reliable systems.

indonesia high availability nginx

High Availability NGINX

No one likes a broken website, it's like shuting down your business immediately. Trinix Systems able to provide you to ensure that NGINX failures are detected and worked around.

indonesia high availability mysql

High Availability MySQL

Ensuring data is always available is a top priority for any organization. Minutes of downtime will result in significant loss of revenue and reputation. Trinix Systems solution assure your MySQL is running and have a failover solution.

indonesia high availability load balancer

High Availability Load Balancer

Two backend server with one load balancer is still one single point of failure. Deploying high availability HAProxy load balancer is one of Trinix Systems expertise you can rely on.