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Why Choose Us?

Information Security is the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction
So why choose us ?

  • Security mitigation best practices from world wide security organizations
  • Reduce risk without sacrificing business productivity and growth
  • Minimize the impact of information security breaches
  • Decisions based on security risk, not fear
  • But also in a fair pricing scheme
indonesia vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Start from where you put your apps, you have to reduce any security misconfiguration and or unpatched security holes. Start from the OS level until the upper layer of application stack (e.g. Web Server). We provide a comprehensive report that you can use it as a reference for security matter reconfiguration.

indonesia web application scanning

Web Application Scanning

How do you know your apps developed securely? Trinix Systems provide an upper layer of your apps providing our web application scanning features that can help you to test and mitigate your apps security.

indonesia linux hardening

Linux Hardening

Online servers are primary target for attackers. We can turn your vulnerable box into a hardened server and help thwart outside attackers by reducing it's surface of vulnerability and available vector of attack.