They Called Us Linux Experts

We Called Our Self Linux Ninjas

We love what we do, we combine DevOps and SysOps. We are proud to contribute for Indonesia High Performance, Reliable and Secure Systems. One of our passion is to create Indonesia CDN that is useful to support your business in our beloved country.

indonesia high performance systems

High Performance Systems

Through long term experiences and a lot of experiments we are able to provide Linux High Performance Systems.

indonesia reliable systems

Reliable Systems

Reliable Systems mean reliable business. Rely on us to make your online business reliable.

indonesia secure systems

Secure Systems

Online threat become a nightmare nowadays. Trinix Systems provide security best practice for your online business.

Some of our passions

It's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen.

indonesia cdn

Free Content Delivery Network

Indonesia CDN. High performance contents delivery network located in central Indonesia internet exchange proposite for high demand Indonesian visitors shielded from DDOS Attack. All those features you can get it for FREE.

High Availability Systems

Well designed High Availability System will work as requiered, when required. We use proven methodologies and concepts that has been proven by the maturity and cases.

indonesia high availability systems
indonesia security risk mitigation

Security Risk Mitigation

We know some business users are seeing security as a matter when it comes to the number of financial lost. Trinix provides security risk mitigation planning, implementation and progress monitoring for your business.

Trinix Happy Clients

Happy Clients

Our customers are not just customers, we care and maintain our customers like we did to our family.
Below are our happy smiley customers.