Manage and maintain Kubernetes clusters within an organization's own infrastructure


With Managed On-Premise Kubernetes Service, organizations can harness the power of Kubernetes for managing containerized applications within their own infrastructure, while still enjoying the advantages of a managed service. This service provides expert assistance in managing, and maintaining Kubernetes clusters, relieving organizations of the complexities and operational burdens associated with on-premise Kubernetes management.


Key aspects received when organizations opt for a managed on-premise Kubernetes service:


Assessment and Planning

Conduct a thorough assessment of the current on-premise Kubernetes infrastructure, including hardware, software, and dependencies.


On-Premise Kubernetes Platform Management​

Managing the on-premise Kubernetes platform, including configuration, and ongoing maintenance of Kubernetes clusters and related components.


Cluster Management

Provisioning and managing on-premise Kubernetes clusters, nodes, and workloads to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and availability.


Scalability and Resource Management

Scaling on-premise Kubernetes clusters and resources based on demand, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring efficient utilization of infrastructure resources.


Monitoring and Logging

Implementing monitoring and logging solutions to track the health, performance, and availability of on-premise Kubernetes clusters and applications, enabling proactive issue detection and troubleshooting.


Preventive Maintenance

Performing routine maintenance tasks, such as physical server checking, software updates, and patch management, to prevent issues and ensure the stability of the on-premise Kubernetes environment.


Support and Maintenance

Providing ongoing on-premise Kubernetes support and maintenance services to address technical issues, answer questions, and assist with troubleshooting and performance optimization.


Entrusting on-premise Kubernetes management to the Trinix team offers several benefits:


Expertise and Best Practice

Managed on-premise Kubernetes service provides access to Kubernetes experts who can design, deploy, and manage your on-premise Kubernetes clusters effectively.


Optimized Configuration

Managed on-premise Kubernetes service ensures that your Kubernetes clusters are configured optimally for your specific on-premise environment and application needs.


Simplified Management

Managed on-premise Kubernetes service handles day-to-day tasks such as updates, patches, scaling, and monitoring, freeing your IT team from routine operational tasks.


24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

Managed on-premise Kubernetes service offers continuous monitoring of your on-premise Kubernetes clusters, enabling quick detection and resolution of issues.


24/7 Incident Response

Managed on-premise Kubernetes service to assist in setting up incident response processes, ensuring swift and effective resolution of production issues.


Logging and Log Monitoring​

Managed on-premise Kubernetes service offers logging and log monitoring tools to provide insights into the health and performance of your on-premise applications.


Cost Efficiency​

Managed on-premise Kubernetes service can optimize resource allocation, prevent over-provisioning, and reduce operational costs associated with on-premise infrastructure.


Backup and Recovery

Managed on-premise Kubernetes service provides backup and disaster recovery solutions, safeguarding your applications and data from loss.


Hybrid Deployments

Managed on-premise Kubernetes service support hybrid cloud and on-premise deployments, enabling you to build consistent applications across environments.

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